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The experienced accident attorneys of Robertson & Robertson are uniquely qualified to represent you for your personal injury insurance claim if you are injured in a car or truck accident on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

Scott Robertson is an experienced injury attorney who formerly represented insurance companies in the defense of civil lawsuits arising from accidents on the Bay Bridge and Eastern Shore.  He has personally been involved in multiple cases and insurance claims arising out of crashes that have occurred on the Bay Bridge.

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Former Insurance Company Accident Attorney J. Scott Robertson has twice been voted Runner-Up as “Best Lawyer on the Eastern Shore” by readers of Metropolitan Magazine.

Mr. Robertson applies the unique knowledge he obtained in several years of working for car and truck insurance companies to advocate for his clients who are injured due to the negligence of other drivers.  He is well aware of the arguments used by insurance company to minimize and delay injury settlements, disclaim liability or deny coverage.  He knows how to best present a case to an insurance adjuster and advocate for a client so that a fair and just settlement can be obtained, usually without the necessity of a lawsuit.

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Officially known as the William Preston Lane Jr. Memorial Bridge, the two spans of the Maryland Chesapeake Bay Bridge have been the site of several serious accidents every year, especially in the summer.  Over 25.5 million vehicles travelling on the combined U.S. Route 50 and 301 highway cross the Bay Bridge annually, which equates to an average of more than 70,000 cars and trucks on a daily basis.

Of course, the vehicular traffic on the Bay Bridge is particularly heavy on summer weekends and holidays, as vacationers headed to the Maryland and Delaware beaches and other destinations crowd the bridges beyond their capacity of 1,500 vehicles per lane, per hour.  In an attempt to alleviate the overcrowding of the bridge and lessen the backups at the toll booths, the Maryland Transportation Authority switches one lane of the westbound span to accommodate eastbound traffic on peak eastbound traffic days.  The two-way traffic on the westbound span has resulted in several serious crashes over the years.

More frequent causes of Bay Bridge accidents are inattentive drivers, frustrated drivers, and road rage.  Some accidents are caused by distracted drivers watching the picturesque bay scenes, adjusting their radios, or talking on their cell phones.  Some drivers, frustrated by the backup during a peak weekend, think they can make up lost time by driving too fast or not leaving enough stopping distance.  Coming upon a stopped or disabled vehicle can cause an unexpected need to stop suddenly, which some drivers are not prepared for.  And, of course, aggressive drivers cause a high number of accidents on the bridge.

When motorists drive inattentively, aggressively or negligently on the Bay Bridge, there is often no margin for error, as the lack of a shoulder and the busy travel lanes means there is often nowhere to swerve in an attempt to avoid a crash.  Drivers should be extra cautious on bridges.  Unfortunately, that is often not the case.

I have seen several instances in bridge accidents where a second or chain-reaction accident occurs when other cars cannot stop in time to avoid the vehicles that have already crashed.  The best advice is to be extraordinarily careful!  Exiting your vehicle after a bridge accident before the police arrive is very dangerous.  Approaching vehicles can strike not only your car, but can also hit you.

We have handled several cases involving chain reaction crashes.  We know how to sort out the complex factual and legal issues involving multiple-vehicle accidents. In those cases, it is even more important to get us involved as soon as possible after the collision so that we can conduct a thorough investigation before memories fade, witnesses disappear, and stories change.

By meticulously preparing each client’s claim, coordinating insurance coverages, and doing all the “little things” right the first time, we are usually able to achieve a good personal injury settlement without the necessity of filing a lawsuit.

In those situations when a court case is necessary, we are experienced and know our way around the Maryland District and Circuit Courts.  In fact, Scott Robertson has personally tried over 200 car and truck accident cases for either the plaintiff or the defense.  His prior experience defending injury lawsuits gives him an advantage in now representing the injured victims of car and truck accidents.

In addition, Scott Robertson has frequently been asked by insurance company adjusters and other personal injury lawyers to serve as a neutral case arbitrator for cases he is not involved in.  The fact that these insurance companies and attorneys trust Mr. Robertson to handle the disposition of those cases through alternative dispute resolution is indicative of his outstanding reputation with the insurance companies.  They frequently site his background (in previously defending car accident cases) and experience (in handling accident cases since 1993) as the reasons they selected him to conduct binding arbitration.

In addition to car accidents, we handle accidents involving tractor trailers and motorcycles.

We pride ourselves on accessibility and service to our clients. Our attorneys and staff promptly return phone calls and address client questions.  The most frequent complaint about lawyers is that they do not return phone calls or keep their clients informed.  We are just the opposite.  You will love our proactive communication and prompt response to your phone calls.

Our firm does NOT handle criminal law, real estate, divorce and child custody, business law, or anything other than personal injury law.  We know the ins and outs of personal injury law, car, truck, motorcycle, motor scooter and pedestrian accidents, and insurance claims.  We stand ready to assist you.

Robertson & Robertson, Accident & Injury Attorneys is respected in the legal profession and in the Eastern Shore community.  Scott and Laura Robertson are lawyers you can count on.

Scott Robertson previously served on the Board of Governors and Executive Committee of the Maryland State Bar Association.  He was the 2004 statewide recipient of the Edward F. Shea, Jr. Professionalism Award from the Maryland Bar Foundation, and has received the Top Leadership in Law Award from The Daily Record and the Partnership Award from the Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service.  He also is a past president of the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce, the Salisbury Jaycees, the Wicomico County Bar Association, the Trustees of the Wicomico Public Library, and the Trinity United Methodist Church Board of Trustees.  He is a past member of The Greater Salisbury Committee and currently serves as a Trustee at The Salisbury School.

Mr. Robertson, at the request of the Wicomico County Council, served as Chairman of the Wicomico County Charter Review Commission that authored a new Charter to move Wicomico County to a County Executive form of government.

In 1997, Scott Robertson received the prestigious Charles Kulp, Jr. Memorial Award from the United States Jaycees.

In 2006, Mr. Robertson, through his affiliation with the Maryland Association for Justice, suggested a new bill regarding the burden of proof in uninsured motorists car accident cases.  The bill was introduced in the Maryland General Assembly, passed into law, and codified as Md. Courts and Judicial Proceedings Code Ann. § 10-921.  It is now an important statute relied upon by all car accident lawyers in the state of Maryland.

Laura Robertson is the current chair of the Trinity United Methodist Church Safe Sanctuaries Committee.  She previously served on the board of the Wor-Wic Community College Foundation and the Salisbury Neighborhood Housing Service. She is an involved supporter of the outstanding library at The Salisbury School.  Laura is a former law clerk to Judge Daniel M. Long of the Circuit Court for Somerset County, Maryland.  She is an experienced and respected lawyer on the Eastern Shore.

Please feel free to click on the Metropolitan magazine cover, above, to read the article about the background, experience, and civic involvement of the husband and wife team of accident attorneys – J. Scott Robertson and Laura E. Robertson.

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